RhoConnect tutorial

RhoConnect is a synchronization framework consisting of a client application (a client component on the mobile device) and a server component (a RhoConnect application) that runs on any server capable of running Ruby. The client application can be a Rhodes application, or another mobile application written without the use of Rhodes (such as an iOS/Objective C or Android/Java application).

RhoConnect requires that you write a small amount of code for the query, create, update and delete operations of your particular enterprise back-end. You can write this code in JavaScript or Ruby as a RhoConnect source adapter, or you can write this code as a RhoConnect plug-in application written in Java, .NET, or Ruby on Rails.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  1. How to generate a RhoConnect Application
  2. How to create a source adapter
  3. How to enable synchronization in a RhoMobile application

Full documentation of all capabilities of RhoConnect can be found in the RhoConnect Developer Guides.

Installing RhoConnect

You can install RhoConnect in two ways:

If you have been issued a RhoConnect license, you can license your app as described here.