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Preparing App for Production

By default your RhoConnect application generates a few files that you should be familiar with and understand the settings.


This rackup file contains runtime configuration for the RhoConnect sinatra application:

Rhoconnect::Server.disable :run
Rhoconnect::Server.disable :clean_trace
Rhoconnect::Server.enable  :raise_errors
Rhoconnect::Server.set     :secret,      '<changeme>'
Rhoconnect::Server.set     :root,        ROOT_PATH
Rhoconnect::Server.use     Rack::Static, :urls => ["/data"], :root => Rhoconnect::Server.root

The important setting here :secret you will want to change. :secret should be set to a long random string, it should not be set to a dictionary word or short string (30 characters or more is sufficient). This is used for the session storage using a digest algorithm as described here.

If you don’t change the :secret setting, RhoConnect automatically warns you each time the application starts:

[11:34:56 AM 2011-01-12] ************************************************************

[11:34:56 AM 2012-01-12] WARNING: Change the session secret in config.ru from <changeme> to something secure.
[11:34:56 AM 2012-01-12]   i.e. running `rhoconnect secret` in your app will generate a secret you could use.

[11:34:56 AM 2011-01-12] ************************************************************

As this warning states, a good way to generate a cryptographically secure secret is by running rhoconnect secret in your RhoConnect application.

$ cd storemanager-server
$ rhoconnect secret

Then plug this secret into your config.ru:

Rhoconnect::Server.set     :secret, '040a2355475e9d0fb591ef78d5b9ca61a34cbcfd3f11942b18bc1d91f1ca66c27b2e0386333843a7efa29f40fff03624cd908d0883364ffbfa3208ab23fa2664'

To run RhoConnect in production mode, use RACK_ENV environment variable set to “production”. This ensures RhoConnect will use the :production section of the settings. For example:

$ thin start -e production -p 9292

Will start thin in with RACK_ENV set to “production”.

If you deploy using passenger or on RhoHub, this variable is automatically set to production.

Asynchronous processing

RhoConnect version 3.2.x introduces a new feature which enables asynchronous processing of the incoming requests to improve the responsiveness of the Rhoconnect application using EventMachine, Fibers API, and Rack Fiber Pool. This new feature is available with Ruby 1.9.x and enabled by default. It is not available with Ruby 1.8.7, JRuby and REE. To disable the feature and revert back to synchronous handling, you can use the following options in the config.ru file:

Rhoconnect::Server.set     :use_async_model, false # true by default

By default, the Rhoconnect application is started with Rack FiberPool’s size equal to 100 and EventMachine’s thread pool size set to 20. To adjust those settings you can use the following options:

# adjust the Rack FiberPool size
Rhoconnect::Server.set     :fiberpool_size, 50     # default is 100

# adjust the EventMachine Thread Pool size
EventMachine.threadpool_size = 25 # default is 20


This file contains all source adapter options and settings, such as the redis server connection. Before deploying to production, make sure you have the appropriate production settings. A complete list of the settings is in the RhoConnect Settings chapter. Some sample settings for production are shown below. In this sample, the poll_interval setting was auto-generated for a source adapter named Product.

    :poll_interval: 300

  :redis: myredishost:6379
  :licensefile: settings/license.key
  :syncserver: http://localhost:9292/application/


This contains your RhoConnect license key text. By default, a RhoConnect application comes with a 10 device license. Please see the licensing page for more details.

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