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Licensing in 5.0 has changed quite a lot, the most significant of these changes being the requirement that building any app what-so-ever requires that you have an account on rhomobile.com. This does not mean that you are required to pay in order to build an app as we have a free subscription level to use for local app builds. Let’s go over what is involved in signing up and applying your credentials to your RhoMobile product.

Signing Up

Signing up is easy, simply click the “Sign Up” button on the main page, choose a plan to sign up for, and enter an email and password (or sign up with Google or GitHub) and click “Sign Up”. You’ll receive a verification email to complete your sign up. Once you have completed sign up, you will be able to build RhoMobile apps by simply providing these credentials before building your first app.


New to 5.0 we are introducing a subscription model for licensing for our products. The new licensing structure has three levels: Free, Silver, and Gold. When you sign up for an account on rhomobile.com you will be prompted to choose an subscription plan, the details of these plans are listed below.

Without choosing one of these subscription plans, you will not be able to build any app remotely OR locally using RhoMobile products.

This does mean that without a paid subscription your usage of RhoMobile products is limited to Rhodes and RhoStudio for local builds only.

Applying Your Subscription Plan

Once you have signed up for a subscription on rhomobile.com, you’ll need to apply your new plan to your copy of RhoStudio or through the command line. There are two ways to do this using either method, you can either manually sign-in (detailed below) or you can attempt to build an app, which will ask for a valid username and password before it will build the app.

Once you login using your rhomobile.com account credentials, the token used to verify your identity will be saved for about a week, at which time you'll need to have an data connection in order to update your token. You must do this even if you are building your app off-line.

Signing In With the Command Line

To apply your subscription plan using the command line run the command:

$ rake cloud:login

This will ask for your username and password, logging you into your rhomobile.com account and downloading the API token to your machine and stored in the ~/.rhomobile/token directory on Mac OS and the /Users/<username>/.rhomobile/token directory on Windows.

Signing In Through RhoStudio

To apply your subscription plan using RhoStudio:

  • Open the preferences pane (⌘, on Mac OS, Ctrl+P on Windows).
  • Select RhoMobile -> RhoMobile.com and click the "login to rhomobile.com" button.
  • You will be prompted for your username and password.

Once you enter valid credentials, your API token will be downloaded to your machine and stored in the ~/.rhomobile/token directory on Mac OS and the /Users/<username>/.rhomobile/token directory on Windows.

If you do not have an account when you are going through these steps, you will be able to sign-up by clicking the "Sign Up" link in the login prompt.


Once you have applied your license you are free to build apps. It’s that easy!

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