Source Adapter Exception API (JavaScript)

Exception types in JavaScript source adapters are mapped to their ruby equivalent. See the ruby exception section for more details about these exception types.


Make sure you have a Rhoconnect Helpers object in your model:

var rc = require('rhoconnect_helpers');

Exception(response, message)

Raise a generic RhoConnect adapter exception.

new rc.Exception(resp, 'Something went wrong!');

LoginException(response, message)

Raise an exception on the login procedure.

new rc.LoginException(resp, 'A login error occurred.');

LogoffException(response, message)

Raise an exception on the logoff procedure.

new rc.LogoffException(resp, 'A logoff error occurred.');

ServerTimeoutException(response, message)

Raise an exception indicating a timeout occurred.

new rc.ServerTimeoutException(resp, 'A timeout occurred.');

ServerErrorException(response, message)

Raise an exception concerning the backend service.

new rc.ServerErrorException(resp, 'An error occurred with our systems, please try again.');

ObjectConflictErrorException(response, message)

Raise a conflict exception to indicate there was a conflict in handling the record. This will trigger RhoConnect’s automatic processing for conflicts.

new rc.ObjectConflictErrorException(
  resp, 'A conflict error occurred, please update your copy and try again'


The following example raises a ServerErrorException in the delete function if the record was not successfully deleted.

this.del = function(resp){
  var objId =;
  var options = {
    host: host,
    path: '/products/' + objId + '.json',
    method: 'DELETE',
    headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' }
  var req = http.request(options, function(res){
    res.on('data', function(){});
    res.on('end', function(){
    res.on('error', function(){
      new rc.ServerErrorException(resp, 'There was an error deleting, please try again');
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