Source Adapter Store API (Ruby)

RhoConnect provides a simple redis interface for saving/retrieving arbitrary data. This is useful if you want to save data in your application to be used later (i.e. in an async job or a subsequent source adapter execution).


Retrieve a simple value from redis.

key = 'hello'

value = Store.get_value(key)

put_value(key, value)

Add a simple value to redis. The first array item is the key, the second is the value.

key = 'hello'
value = 'world'

Store.put_value(key, value)

To delete a value from redis, simply use put_value(key, nil)


Retrieve an array or hash from redis.

key = 'foo'
# assuming 'foo' references { '1' => { 'name' => 'iPhone' }}

data = Store.get_data(key)
# data now contains { '1' => { 'name' => 'iPhone' }}

put_data(key, data)

Add an array or hash to redis.

key = 'foo'
data = { '1'=> {'name' => 'iPhone' }}

Store.put_data(key, data)
# 'foo' key now contains { '1' => { 'name' => 'iPhone' }}

To delete data from redis, simply use put_data(key, nil)

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