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Licensing Your RhoConnect Application

RhoHub License

If you plan to deploy your RhoConnect application on RhoHub under a premium or enterprise plan, just click on the “Live app ON/OFF” button on the RhoHub page for that RhoConnect app to enable your paid-level license.

Toggling this button will re-deploy your RhoConnect application to a new redis database. Make sure you backup all critical data before doing this!

On-Premise License

Your RhoConnect application was generated with a default license which supports up to 10 devices. After purchasing a license, you can save the new license text in settings/license.key. Just restart the application and it will pick up the new license automatically.

If you want to load the license file in a different location, you can edit :licensefile: in settings/settings.yml:

  :licensefile: settings/license.key
  :redis: localhost:6379
  :syncserver: http://localhost:9292/application/
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