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RhoConnect.js Introduction

There is a JavaScript client library for the RhoConnect App Integration Server.

Using rhoconnect.js, your application’s model data will transparently synchronize with a mobile application built using the Rhodes framework, or any of the available RhoConnect clients. This client includes built-in support for the SenchaTouch data API and Persistence.js models.

Rhoconnect.js is a completely UI-agnostic framework, so feel free to use any type of UI JavaScript library.

Due to the CORS support in RhoConnect server, you are able to create cross-domain applications and standalone mobile applications using the PhoneGap framework.

It depends on the following jQuery libraries and plugins. * jQuery library. * jQuery Base64 plugin. * jQuery JSON plugin.

Rhoconnect.js actively uses deferred/promise objects from jQuery API. All asynchronous results are returned as parameter values of the done(..) method call of the returned promise object.


Created and maintained by Dmitry Prokhorov.

Released under the MIT License.

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