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RhoConnect Calculator

The RhoConnect Calculator helps you estimate the number of processor cores and redis server RAM required to deploy a RhoConnect Production environment.

1 core equals 1 processor (at 2 GHz) running two thin processes.

syncs per day

High Availability (HA) is not included into these numbers. So if your environment must provide HA, you will need to include enough extra storage and processor capacity in case of hardware failure.

Calculator Fields

  • Number of Objects - The number of objects across all of your models. If you have 10 models with 10 objects for each model, you would enter 100.
  • Number of Attributes per Object - The average number of attributes per object. E.g. if you have 2 objects, 1 with 10 attributes and 1 with 12 attributes, you would enter 11.
  • Number of devices - The total number of devices that will be using RhoConnect.
  • Sync Frequency - The average sync frequency per device. E.g if you have 2 devices where one syncs 10 times per day and one sync 12 times per day, you would enter 11.


  • Number of Cores - The number of processor cores required (could be distributed across N number of servers).
  • Redis RAM – RAM required for the master Redis instance. Currently only one master Redis instance can be defined. A typical deployment involves one master Redis instance (with no disk persistence) and N number of read-slaves (with persistence). Slave disk persistence would need at least 2X disk capacity where X is the master instance RAM requirement.

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