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Alert API

Call system alert methods for popup, vibrate, or playing audio files. For examples of using the Alert API methods, refer to Alerts in Device Capabilities.

Enabling Vibration

To use the vibrate method, you need to enable vibration on the device. Do this by adding that capability to the build.yml file:

  - vibrate


Closes the current popup window.



Play an audio file if that media type is supported by the device.

Alert.play_file(path, media_type)
path The path to the file, ending in the file name and extension. The file must located in the application; for example, /apps/public/test-file.mp3.
media_type (optional) Media type can be specified explicitly, or can be recognized from the file extension. The known file extensions are ".mp3" – audio/mpeg and ".wav" – audio/x-wav.


Bring the application up front and show a message in a popup window. The message can be passed as a string or a hash. The popup window closes after you click on the button.

Click here for an example of show_popup with a button and callback.

Alert.show_popup "message"
message a text string
show_popup( {
  :message => string, 
  :title => string, 
  :icon => string,
  :buttons => [string_or_hash],
  :callback => url )
:message text displayed in the popup window
:title title of the popup window
:icon Icon to be displayed in the popup window. path to an image, or :alert for ! icon, :question for ? icon, :info for information icon.
:buttons array of buttons. Specify each button either by hash with :id and :title keys, or by a string where id and title are set to the string value.
:callback url called on button click, such as url_for(:action => :on_dismiss_popup). It is called with a @params hash of :button_id, :button_title, and :button_index.


Display a window containing a status message. The window closes after the user clicks on its hide button.

Alert.show_status(title, status_text, hide_button_label)
title String. The title on the status message popup window.
status_text String. The status message displayed in the popup status window.
hide_button_label String. The label text for the hide button in the popup status window.


duration Integer. Vibrate the device for this number of milliseconds, up to 25500; if 0 or not specified, vibrate for 2500 milliseconds.
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