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RingtoneManager API

View and play a device’s ringtones. See the controller and view in the /app/Ringtones folder of the System API Samples application for an example.

Currently implemented for Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile. On Blackberry, only the user installed ringtones are accessible. System preinstalled ringtones are not accessible due to Blackberry limitations.


Returns a hash containing key/value pairs, where the key is the user-friendly name of ringtone, and the value is its full file name.



Play a ringtone. If called while another ringtone is playing, the old ringtone will stop playing and the new one will start playing.

RingtoneManager::play ringtone
ringtone A ringtone from the ringtone hash returned by get_all_ringtones, such as @ringtones['My Ringtone'].


Stop playing a ringtone. Can safely be called even if no ringtone is playing.

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