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Database API

Access the Rho database. This is a JavaScript implementation of a subset of the HTML5 WebSQL API.

Using JavaScript API

You can call the Database methods from JavaScript. To use the JavaScript API, add the public/js/rho_javascript_api.js file – created at build time as part of the application package – to the .html, .erb, or .js file calling the JavaScript method.

The JavaScript API methods with a return value can pass it as a parameter in jQuery-compatible continuation (deferred object, a kind of callback). Possible continuations to handle are done, fail, and complete.

Rho.Class.method(params).done(function(handler) { /* handler... */ })

You must enable JavaScript by putting rho-javascript into extensions in your build.yml.

extensions: ["rho-javascript"]

You must have a RhoElements license to use the JavaScript API.


Opens a database. Returns a database object. Reports any errors on the fail() continuation.

JavaScript syntax:

Rho.Database.openDatabase(name, version, description, size)
name String. Name of the database to open.
version String. Version number of the database to open.
description String. Description of the database to open.
size Integer. Size of the database to open.

Sample call:

  function testDatabaseOpen(name, resultContainer) {
      Rho.Database.openDatabase(name, '1.0', 'Test DB', 2 * 1024 * 1024).done(function(db) {
          db.transaction(function (tx) {
              tx.executeSql("SELECT name,rootpage,type FROM sqlite_master WHERE type=?s",
                      reportDatabaseResult(resultContainer, rows);

  function reportDatabaseResult(container, res) {
      container = $(container);
      if ("object" == typeof res && "object" == typeof res[0]) {
          var str = '<table><tr style="text-decoration:underline;">';
          for (fld in res[0]) {
              str = str+'<th>'+fld+'</th>';
          str = str+'</tr>';
          for (row in res) {
              str = str+'<tr>';
              for (fld in res[row]) {
                  str = str+'<td>'+res[row][fld]+'</td>';
              str = str+'</tr>';
          str = str+'</table>';
      } else {
          container.innerText = 'empty result';

  testDatabaseOpen('rhosimulator/db/syncdbuser', 'div.sqlResult');


Transaction method on the database_object returned by Rho.Database.openDatabase.

JavaScript syntax:

callback_function Callback function that you write to receive a transaction object (transaction_object).


Executes an SQL expression on the database.

JavaScript syntax:

transaction_object.executeSql(sqlExpression, values, callback_function(resultRows))
sqlExpression String. SQL expression.
values Array of values.
callback_function Callback function that you write to receive an array of rows (resultRows).


Commit the database transaction.

JavaScript syntax:



Rollback the transaction on the database.

JavaScript syntax:

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