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NativeTabbar API

The NativeTabbar methods let you customize the Rhodes tabbar at runtime. Refer to Native Tabbar Control in User Interface and NativeTabbarTest in Rhodes-System-Api-Samples for examples.

Tab Elements

Several of the NativeTabbar methods use a tabs parameter, which is a list of name/value pairs from the following list of tab elements.

:label Visible label to display on the tabbar.
:action Path to your rhodes action; i.e. ‘/app/Account’ would load the Account index action.
:icon Relative path to tabbar item icon in your rhodes app; typically located in /public/images/
:reload (optional) true to reload the tab action, false otherwise (default = false).
:selected_color (optional) Change the selected color of this tab (if you use it on Android, define it for all tabs and define :background_color for TabBar).
:disabled (optional) Disable this tab.
:web_bkg_color (optional) int hex value (for example, 0x7F7F7F). Background color for tab. Use when your application background color is not white for removing blink during switch tabs.
:use_current_view_for_tab (optional) Smooth transfer WebView from current view into this Tab and make this Tab active. Defaults to false. Only one Tab can have this parameter.


Removes the current tabbar and replaces it with this one.

Rho::NativeTabbar.create(tab-elements, callback)
tab-elements Name/value array for the tabbar, such as {:label => 'Main page', :action => '/app', :icon => '/public/images/bar/colored_btn.png', :reload => true}
callback (optional) Callback method for a change tab event.


Creates a vertical tabbar on the iPad, a regular tabbar on other platforms.

tabs Name/value array for the tabbar, such as {:label => 'Main page', :action => '/app', :icon => '/public/images/bar/colored_btn.png', :reload => true}


Returns the current tab index.



Removes the current tabbar. Does nothing if there is no active tabbar.



Set the iPhone badge to tab (only for iOS devices).

Rho::NativeTabbar.set_tab_badge( tab_index, iPhone_badge)
tab_index The index for this tab (index numbered from 0 to total tabs - 1).
iPhone_badge String for iPhone badge, such as '12'.


Switch active tab to second.

tab_index Switch to this tab. tabs are numbered from 0 to total of tabs - 1.
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