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Bluetooth API provide access to Bluetooth serial port connection between phone and another phone, phone and PC, phone and external Bluetooth device (for example external Bluetooth GPS device).

To allow Bluetooth enable the bluetooth capability. This is done by adding the following lines to build.yml:

  - bluetooth

Currently Bluetooth support has the following limitations:

  • On Apple device (iPhone, iPad etc.), you can connect only to another Apple device.
  • On any platform, except iPhone, you should pair your devices before making connection.
  • You can change local device name for display on another device only on iOS and Android platform - for WM use system settings for change local device name.
  • Only one connection session can be created and used on any device. You should close your current session before making another session.
  • One-to-few peers connection scheme is unsupported.

There are two steps to make connection and start using of Bluetooth :

  • Make connection session: execute Rho::BluetoothManager.create_session and setup callback where you receive result of connection. That callback will get events related to making connection(connect ok, canceled by user, error). Connection provided by platform specific UI.
  • For make connection without UI, you should execute Rho::BluetoothManager.create_server_and_wait_for_connection on server and Rho::BluetoothManager.create_client_connection_to_device on client. On client you should specify server name(display name - not Bluetooth ID!) for connect. Specify callback - callback have the same parameters with Rho::BluetoothManager.create_session. You can cancel connection process by Rho::BluetoothManager.stop_current_connection_process
  • After receiving successful result and name of connected device in create_session_callback you should setup session_callback by Rho::BluetoothSession.set_callback to process incoming session events from connected device (data received) or event related to this session connection(disconnect, errors).

Connection without UI worked only on iOS and Android platforms!

Bluetooth API

You can use the BluetoothManager API to make a connection between your Bluetooth-equipped device and another Bluetooth-equipped device.

You can use the BluetoothSession API to manage a connection session between your Bluetooth-equipped device and another Bluetooth-equipped device.

  • set_callback - Set the Bluetooth session callback.
  • disconnect - Disconnect from the device.
  • get_status - Get the session status.
  • read - Read data from the connected device.
  • write - Write data to the connected device.
  • read_string - Read string from the connected device.
  • write_string - Write string to the connected device.

Example of Controller with using Bluetooth API

This is not a complete example (for a link to a complete example, see the link below this example). This code just shows how you can make a connection and send/receive strings.

require 'rho/rhocontroller'
require 'rho/rhobluetooth'

class BluetoothController < Rho::RhoController
  @layout = :simplelayout
  $connected_device = nil

  def index

  def start_bluetooth
    if Rho::BluetoothManager.is_bluetooth_available()
      Rho::BluetoothManager.create_session(Rho::BluetoothManager::ROLE_CLIENT, url_for( :action => :connection_callback))

  def send_string(str)
    Rho::BluetoothSession.write_string($connected_device, str)

  def connection_callback 
    if @params['status'] == Rho::BluetoothManager::OK
       $connected_device = @params['connected_device_name']
       Rho::BluetoothSession.set_callback($connected_device, url_for( :action => :session_callback))
       send_string('Hello friend !')

  def session_callback
     if @params['event_type'] == Rho::BluetoothSession::SESSION_INPUT_DATA_RECEIVED
        while Rho::BluetoothSession.get_status($connected_device) > 0
          str = Rho::BluetoothSession.read_string($connected_device)

          # use received string


  def close_all


Example of chat application using Bluetooth connection

You can find a complete example of using Bluetooth API in Rhodes-System-Api-Samples. See Bluetooth Chat Demo page - BluetoothChat. In this example you can see how to exchange text messages between two different devices. You also can use this example for connect to external Bluetooth device (external GPS device for example) or PC or Mac (use terminal to see and send messages).

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