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Performance Profiling

To perform performance measurements or found applications bottlenecks you can use RhoMobile Profiler tool.

RhoMobile Profiler use performance counters to calculate execution time of specific function/code. There are 2 types of counters: global and local:

  • Global counters created once and can be stopped/started many times. When Global counter destroyed, it log accumulative time of all start/stop intervals.
  • Local counters can be stopped/started only once. While stopped, counter will log time interval between start and stop.

Profiler log.

When Counter stopped (Local counters) or destroyed(Global counters) information from counter will be logged in the following format:

(log prefix) PRFILER| (counter name)( (counter time Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds) ): START/STOP

For example:

I 06/18/2012 23:27:20:311 00002ffc PROFILER| BROWSER_PAGE (0:03:104) : STOP

Enable Profiler.

Profiler is configurable at build time in build.yml file(Turned Off by default):

profiler: 1

Will turn on Profiler

After Profiler ON/OFF - full rebuild is required.

Built-in performance counters.

These counters start working after you turn on Profiler in build.yml:

  • ERB_RENDER - ERB-file render (Ruby)
  • CTRL_ACTION - Controller action (Ruby)
  • INDEX_ACTION - Index page render
  • ERB_RENDER - ERB-file render (Ruby)
  • BROWSER_PAGE - Browser page loading time (Native)
  • SyncEngine components has several native counters:

    ‘Sync’ - Full sync time

    ‘DB’ - Time spend for database insert/update/delete while sync

    ‘Net’ - Time spend for network communication while sync

These counters works only if you create them in application. You can create counter in controller action and destroy it after some operations:

  • Sqlite database (Native)

    ‘SQLITE’ - counter for whole time processing SQL query including data conversion , sqlite3_step and prepare statement

    ‘SQLITE_EXEC’ - sqlite3_step time only.

To Enable Ruby Garbage collector logging modify rhoconfig.txt(set log level to Trace):

MinSeverity = 0

There are two Profiler API available: Ruby and Native(C/C++).

RhoProfiler Ruby API Examples

The RhoProfiler Ruby API contains the following static methods.

  • create_counter creates a Global counter.
  • destroy_counter destroys a Global counter.
  • start_counter starts a Local or Global counter. If a Global counter with this name exists, this global counter will be started. If no global counter exists, a local counter will be created and started.
  • stop_counter stops a Global or local counter.
  • flush_counter logs information from a counter (Local or Global). Counter does not stop or start.
  • start_created_counter - The counter will start only if it is already created previously (Global counter).

Example of custom counter:

def index


    #do something


    RhoProfiler.destroy_counter('Counter1') #Will log summary of function1 and function2 execution time

Example using ‘SQLITE’ built-in counter:

def some_method


 #do something: create/update objects for example



RhoProfiler C/C++ API.

RhoProfiler C/C++ API contains several defines to manipulate Performance Counters. Here is the list of defines:

//Global accumulative counters
#define PROF_CREATE_COUNTER(name)     // Create Global counter
#define PROF_DESTROY_COUNTER(name)    // Destroy Global counter
#define PROF_START(name) //Start Local or Global counter. If Global counter with this name exist , this global counter will started. If no global counter exists, local counter will be created and started.

#define PROF_STOP(name) // Stop Global or local counter. 
#define PROF_FLUSH_COUNTER(name,msg) //Log information from counter(Local or Global). Counter does not stopped or started. 
#define PROF_START_CREATED(name) //Counter will start only if it is already created previously(Global counter)


#include "statistic/RhoProfiler.h"
void testFunction()


    //do something


    PROF_DESTROY_COUNTER("Counter1") #Will log summary of function1 and function2 execution time
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