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There are two methods to log messages.

From any controller you can log using the methods app_info and app_error. These methods take a string and will write that to rholog.txt with the category of your controllers name.

Call app_info and app_error from a method in your controller:

def index
    app_info "My info message"
    app_error "My error message"

There also is a logging Ruby class called RhoLog. This class has methods info and error which take 2 strings. The first string is the category, the second string is the message.

The Rho.Log API has methods to print error messages. Click the links below for detailed information about the methods.

  • info - Print an information message in the rholog.txt file.
  • error - Print an error message in the rholog.txt file. The message will have an “ERROR” prefix.

Call the RhoLog error or info methods from a method in your Rhodes app:


def index
    Rho::Log.error("Some error message", "Some Category")
    Rho::Log.info("Some info message", "Some Category")


Rho.Log.error("Some error message", "Some Category");
Rho.Log.info("Some info message", "Some Category");

Additionally all common ruby output routines (like puts, print) are redirected to rhodes log with INFO level.

In rholog.txt the lines appear as follows:

<Timestamp> <message> | <category>

To enable remote logging just add the line to rhoconfig.txt:

rhologurl = 'http://<host>:<port>[/path]'

Then all log messages will be sent to the specified URL via POST HTTP-requests.

You can also send log to remote server manually: Log server address where log will be posted by using RhoConf.send_log or from the log view. Log server source code is open and available at http://github.com/rhomobile/rhologs, so you can deploy your own logserver.

Add the lines to rhoconfig.txt:

logserver = 'http://rhologs.heroku.com'

Then call RhoConf.send_log:

def index

See Log Configuration for all Logging configuration parameters.

How see log messages from iOS device.

You have next ways for get log from iOS device :

  1. See full console output

  2. open XCode

  3. open Organizer (“window” submenu in top menu)
  4. select “Devices” tab
  5. select your connected device in left panel
  6. select “Console”

  7. Get the rholog.txt file from device

  8. open XCode

  9. open Organizer (“window” submenu in top menu)
  10. select “Devices” tab
  11. select your connected device in left panel
  12. select “Applications”
  13. select your application and wait few seconds
  14. you can select local file in your application’s local folder and download it to computer - use “Download” button in bottom panel

  15. Send log to server from application

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