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Bundle encrypting in RhoMobile

We use AES 256 bit encoding (“AES-256-CBC” algorithm string when using OpenSSL library). We use OpenSSL library for encoding/decoding Each file in bundle encrypted separately Developer can specify file extensions for encrypting (some file like images can stay unencrypted because it not secure issue generally) Bundle encryption supported on iOS and Android only.

Run this command for generate AES key:

rake build:bundle:generate_AES_key

After command finish you can see AES key in output like this:

Generated AES key is : "3II2MtHXAUPYiaKAF4rpRi/MEfxHfJL22lpFHu8xNGY="

key is base64 format for use as text in build.yml

There are two options in build.yml for setup bundle encryption: encrypt_files_key and encrypt_file_extensions.

encrypt_files_key is a string with AES key in base64 format

encrypt_file_extensions is array with file extensions should be encrypted

Example (iseq extension is compiled ruby (.rb) and erb(.erb) files):

encrypt_files_key: "5VCv3t4J4y07IlLRqjKQCP0ckA+hif7f4o4IdUHQ2rY="
- html
- js
- css
- iseq
- min-js
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