• Introduction
  • Dev Environment Setup
  • Developing Apps
  • Data Handling
  • Device Capabilities
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Extending
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Developer Skills Used

You will use traditional Web skills when developing RhoMobile Applications including JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Ruby. Native programming languages like C++ on Windows Mobile and Java on Android, may be used through implementing RhoMobile Native Extensions to expose some functionality that the framework does not inherently support.


RhoMobile applications run inside the native webkit supported webview control on modern platforms like Android and iOS as well as the Tau Webkit on Windows Mobile/CE. RhoMobile supports modern HTML5 features, however like with standard browsers there may be differences in behavior.


JavaScript can be used in the traditional sense for either application logic and/or for user interface using modern JavaScript frameworks. RhoMobile also provides a full set of framework and device capability APIs that can be accessed in JavaScript by including the RhoMobile JavaScript library.


Ruby may optionally be used in your application in a vareity of ways. When using RhoStudio' Generator for your application or data models, Ruby is used by default in the model views (.erb files) as well as the controller files (.rb).


CSS is used to define how to display HTML elements in your page and thus will control how your application looks and is formatted. Since RhoMobile applications are running on top of Webkit, it supports modern CSS3 attributes. Some developers choose to write there own CSS styles, while others choose to leverage some 3rd party UI frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Vuetify, Framework7, etc.

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